TRIO Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a free pre-college program that serves students from the Hayward & San Lorenzo School Districts. Our program aims to provide students with the confidence, skills, and tools needed to succeed in middle, high school, and college.

TRIO ETS provides the following educational tools:

High School Course Planning, SAT Prep, Study Skills, Tutoring, College and Career Exploration Workshops, Field Trips to Bay Area Colleges and Universities, Mentoring, Self Esteem & Goal Setting Activities, College Application and Financial Aid Assistance, and Summer Enrichment Programming.

This application cannot be saved so please complete to best of your ability. If you have any questions, please email us at or text 1-844-915-0399.

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Funding is provided by the US Department of Education and requires specific documentation of household income level and educational background for enrollment into the TRIO Educational Talent Search Program. The information is protected by the Family Rights and Privacy Act.

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Authorization & Release

Medical Release: I consent to emergency treatment of my son or daughter by the staff of Chabot Las Positas Community College District and/or the staff of an accredited hospital or clinic, or other medical personnel if it is deemed necessary by the TRIO ETS Program Staff. I understand I will be notified of illness as soon as possible. 

Mandated Reporting: Most information shared between participants and Program Representatives is held completely confidential. Please be aware of the few exceptions. Information shared regarding abuse (physical, mental, or sexual) and/or intent to harm oneself or others must be reported to the appropriate individuals at Hayward Unified School District/San Lorenzo Unified School District.

I give the Chabot College TRIO Educational Talent Search program permission to obtain records of the above named individual including but not limited to courses, grades, transcripts, test scores, copies of and information from the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid, Profile, and data regarding admissions and financial aid packages. These may be forwarded to appropriate institutions as needed. I understand that all records will be kept in confidence per federal regulations.

During the course of TRIO Educational Talent Search (ETS) events, Zoom Meetings, photographs are occasionally taken. This media is captured to promote the TRIO ETS program and/or are used for educational purposes. Through this release, you are authorizing ETS to print, publish and display media of your child in the context of this program and to use any such media as a part of promotional material and/or website for TRIO Educational Talent Search.

Consent *

Student Agreement

I agree that if I am accepted into the TRIO Educational Talent Search Program, I will:

Cooperate & RESPECT faculty, staff, and other students in the TRIO ETS program.

Maintain active participation throughout my school enrollment.

Attend sessions at school and online via Zoom.

Strive to continuously improve my grades through good attendance, punctuality, class participation, homework completion, and all other requirements to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Enter a post-secondary educational study program upon completion of high school and the TRIO Educational Talent Search program.

Provide follow-up information to the TRIO Educational Talent Search program concerning my success in a post-secondary degree.

I must be in good academic standing to attend any TRIO ETS sponsored field trips or virtual events.

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